Wherever there are cars and roads, there needs to be trusted guidance that spells out the rules. Otherwise, chaos and accidents will reign. You know this if you’ve driven in a foreign country where there seems to be a lack of road traffic signs or the ones that are up are just ignored. Traffic signs are essential to instill a sense of order among drivers, whether commuting to work or driving around the neighborhood.

For example, think about speed signs. Posting signs in prominent places in a residential development makes it safer for children out biking and boarding. This is especially important when a school is nearby, or the speed limit is lower than the expected 25 mph.

Signs with Words, Numbers, or Symbols

A traffic sign doesn’t have to have any words or numbers on it to be effective.  For instance, a sign with an S-shape that winds like a snake warns drivers to slow down because the road ahead twists and turns. A “One Way” sign prevents cars from driving against traffic, helping to avoid collisions.

No one wants to be involved in an accident, even if there are no injuries involved. Placing traffic signs prominently and frequently alerts drivers of rules and conditions and helps keep all of us safer.